Co-Housing + Live/Work = Hybrid Homes for London Millennials

Here are a couple of interesting concepts from London recently featured in CityAM that marry Co-Housing and LiveWork for sale and for rent, targeting London’s cramped millennials who are all currently living stacked 5 to a flat in Clapham.

Nuper |

The Adir Group’s development focus is very interesting. They have invested £50m in new development targeting a strong emerging market for co-operative live-work schemes aimed at a younger demographic. They call the concept “Nuper” which aims to create housing in London affordable to young talent who would otherwise not be able to afford to buy in the city.

“Nuper” is, of course, current slang for [New] + [Super] …. as in, “that’s sooooo Nuper!”.

The Collective

Another firm, “The  Collective” is onto the same idea but  they are pitching their developments for rent. Their professionally managed properties feature communal kitchens and entertainment areas.


Read the CityAM story here.

by Michael Mortensen, MA MCIP, RPP – a Vancouver Developer & Planner  ©2016

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