TOD Census Data for Metro Vancouver Transit Stations

This update on my recent post on Transit Oriented Development in Metro Vancouver is a great example of how embracing the creativity of citizens can help us to see our cities in new ways and inform discussions on how our cities and neighborhoods can evolve as more sustainable, liveable places.

Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of NYC once famously stated: “In God we trust; all others bring data”.

data wizard

Well this experience suggests that if you ask, you shall receive! First Frances Bula tweeted about her trip around the Millennium Line; then I used Google Earth to capture images of land use within 800 m of the stations; then – less than 24 hours later – someone smarter than me runs Census data through a Geographic Info Systems application to generate population density maps for all stations! We all learn something in the process.

Starting with my 800 m radius snapshots of neighbourhoods around our Millennium Line stations, Jens Von Bergmann ran some 2011 census data to give us some idea of the population density within 400 m and 800m for these stations (and more, including the Canada Line). His very interesting results are found here on his “Mountain Doodles” blog: see Link . Nice work Jens!


And here is the table: Vancouver stations in blue organized by the most dense population within an 800 m radius according to Jens’ data.


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