Fare Evasion? Is the $700m enough for Metro Van?

$700M in Federal + Provincial Funds

The Vancouver Sun reports some modest movement on Transit funding for Metro Vancouver. Now we’ll see the degree to which planning, funding and decision making is shared with Metro Vancouver.

  • Federal Share: $460 million
  • Provincial Share: $307 million (announced in May)
  • Regional Share: TBD ?

.. but still short of a full fare

Regional mayors previously forwarded a $7.5 billion 10-year transit plan, however, funding for major projects like the Surrey LRT and the Broadway corridor subway is still missing. It appears this funding hinges on the re-election of the federal Liberals in October 2019 …. more than 3 years away.

… yet the Province still wants to proceed with a 10 lane $3.5 billion Massey “LNG” Bridge (that’s more than 11 times BC’s funding for transit announced today)

The Province of BC is pushing ahead with the Massey LNG Bridge, despite objections from Metro Vancouver, despite:





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